The Journey Begins <– Default title, but maybe this is the start of a journey. We shall see.

TL;DR: It is just another (cyber)security blog, but maybe you’ll find value in my opinions, analysis, or at least the data that I share.

Join me here for my sporadic, random, and sometimes nonsensical musings, as I blog about whatever piques my interest. Of course, the content will be largely cybersecurity focused, so I may write about any of a broad range of topics, including my own research, honeypot metrics, malware, recent events, and emerging trends. Some of it may be region-specific — especially given the geopolitical nature of state-sponsored cyber activity –, and sometimes might even cross over into the cyberterrorism space, as I look at campaigns conducted by hackers motivated by radical ideology.

Maybe some other things too, but I’ll let you know about that later.

I recently set up some honeypots to get a look at some scanning activity, which has been pretty interesting. As I get a handle on those, and tweak the configs, I’ll share some metrics and trends coming from those. I have VMs setup to do malware analysis on the samples that I collect as well, so look for some discussion of those. I should note though, I am not a highly-skilled malware reverser, so bear with me if some of the malware stuff is a little too obvious, or high-level. If you are a professional you probably aren’t reading this blog, but if you are, feel free to point out my mistakes, or provide suggestions, and we can all learn together.

For now, I will leave you with this stock photo of a sunset, since I will be taking a vacation to do some scuba diving in the near future. While I won’t be blogging about that, feel free to share your scuba stories in the comments.